Loft conversion in V Sadech Primary School


Our company RONELI Stavby SE was selected as the general contractor for the loft conversion of V Sadech Primary School.

Eight classrooms will be built in the loft space to serve the school's teaching needs. These include a chemistry classroom, 2 IT classrooms, a polytechnic classroom, a foreign language classroom, a physics classroom, a split-subject classroom and a school club classroom – for extracurricular and informal education. At the same time, a multimedia corner for pupils and facilities for teachers will be built (chemistry room and 2 rooms) as well as sanitary facilities for boys, girls, teachers and for disabled persons.

The school building will also be completed with a new passenger lift to allow transport of disabled people, which the school currently lacks.

The handover of the construction will take place in mid-October and the implementation period will be 15 months. The works will be carried out during full operation of the school, the installation of the passenger lift and the related construction readiness is planned for the summer holidays.

The investor is the town of Havlíčkův Brod.

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